Did God create the world in six 24-hours?

June 17, 2007

Dear Pink, hope the past week has been a fruitful one for you, both in your academic pursuits as well as spiritual growth. 

The church camp has been a spiritual blessing for me. It had the chance to talk to a lot of people that I haven’t got chance to talk to- to get to know more people and to let people know who I really am, and I thank God for the opportunity. Indeed He has been very gracious to me. I’ve got the chance to talk to several spiritually-matured people and I began to understand why the BP movement is very persistent when it comes to doctrinal issues and I thank God that I belong to a fundamental church, though I guess the word “fundamental” may not be altogether very inviting. 

Our church follows what is commonly known as “The Reformed Faith” as expressed in the Confession of Faith as set forth by the Westminster Assembly together with the Larger and Shorter Catechisms Confession of faith which are based on the teaching of the Church fathers. I must admit that my walk in Christ is very much built on people rather than doctrines (no I am not exactly proud of it) Well I guess this camp has made me reflected more about this and I have decided to live a more consecrated life, growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

 I would be more than willing to discuss the reasons behind the positions for the BP movement (to the best of my knowledge) on why is it a reasoned faith, because I am very sure it will help me in my walk. Perhaps let us begin with the six literal days of creation: I guess it will be helpful if I lift from the G I Williamson, who wrote a study help for understanding the Westminster Confession of Faith:

 “… Finally, there is the assumption that such a process as is recorded in the creation account (and as is theorized of in modern science) could not have occurred in six twenty-four-hour days. Another way of putting it is this: it is assumed that God could not (or would not) have quickly produced the world which so evidently bears the appearance of great age. But if we merely supposed that God created man, we are immediately confronted with such a necessary “appearance of age.” If God created Adam as an adult person, he would have appeared as an adult appears to us now, and yet would really have had no long period of prior development. The Christian position is that God did so create Adam. And so in this instance it is compelled to assume the very difficulty supposed by scientific dogma. Why should we then care to avoid this difficulty respecting the rest of creation? For our part we can see no good reason to doubt that God did create the world in six brief days, with the appearance of age (that is, with maturity) in the things created, and that the fossils were caused by a great catastrophe, probably the flood, which occurred after creation.” 

I think the position here is that there is no reason why we shouldn’t interpret the “day” here as a “24-hour day” and I think I am agreeable to that, because I believe if the Bible is God’s revelation, there is no need for Him to enshroud it with mysticism- but would make it clear in the simplest way so that a simple man can understand. I understand that your reservation is on the notion of “days?” Would love to hear more about it. 🙂


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  1. Sorry for the bigger font for the last paragraph. It also happened when i wrote about animal sufferings last post. Wonder why? I cant seem to edit it… Hope you dun mind. 🙂

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